Honey’s benefits have been appreciated and acknowledged all through the world. For its qualities of curing some of the most rampant human ailments, ranging from regular niggles to major illnesses, and its amalgamation of heath and taste; honey has become a part of the routine lives of a large group of people. Ezeebee Overseas understands this demand for this natural sweetener and offers its highly purified and healthy honey in nine different pack types, to suit the varied requirements that might arise for the same.

Family of Bears

A little bit of creativity, along with its uniquely accommodative structure, makes this bear shaped packaging of honey highly popular with children and adults alike.

Net weight Unit Pack
125gm 24
140gm 24
170gm 24
200gm 24
227gm 24
340 gm 12/24
454 gm 12
500 gm 12
680 gm 12