Our Products

Ezeebee Overseas is a land of organic and quality products where you will get the world's best honey, food oil, Jam, superfood seeds. We manufacture natural honey, food oil, fruit jam, superfood seeds and skill in consumer and bulk packaging. Beez exclusively is involved in exporting honey, food oil, jams and superfood seeds. We excel in private labeling. Beez aspires to be a world class supplier of natural products. We have been in this field for more than 10 years and have supplied premium quality organic products worldwide.

Food Oil Varieties

Rapeseed / Mustard Honey View Mustard Oil
Sesame Oil View Sesame Oil

Honey Varieties

Rapeseed / Mustard HoneyView Rapeseed / Mustard Honey
Eucalyptus HoneyView Eucalyptus Honey
Lychee HoneyView Lychee Honey
Sunflower HoneyView Sunflower Honey
Karanj / Pongamea HoneyView Karanj / Pongamea Honey
Multi-Flora Himalayan HoneyView Multi-Flora Himalayan Honey
Acacia HoneyView Acacia Honey

Jam Varieties

Mango Jam View Mango Jam
Mix Fruit Jam View Mix Fruit Jam
Pineapple Jam View Pineapple Jam
Orange Jam View Orange Jam
Strawberry Jam View Strawberry Jam

Super food Seeds Varieties

Flaxseeds View Flaxseeds
Organic Quinoa ViewOrganic Quinoa
Pumpkin Seeds ViewPumpkin Seeds
Chia Seeds ViewChia Seeds