Pineapple Jam

Buy this best fruit jam in India, Beez fruta Pineapple jam to make your food super delicious. Our Sugar free Natural jam is 100% packed with tasty, juicy, nutritious pineapple.

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We are sure this pineapple jam is enough to turn your boring plate into finger-licking food. This wonderful jam can be applied on Bread, Roti, Dosa, Chapatti or whatever you want.

You can easily spread this jam with the help of spoon or knife.

Ingredients Used:

Pineapple pulp, sugar, water, pectin (E440), acidity regulator, and natural identical flavors, food preservative (E211 & 223), permitted food color.

Nutrition facts of Mix Fruit Jam

Nutrition facts Per 100 gram
Energy (Kcal) 266
Protein (g) 1
Carbohydrate (g) 70
Total Sugar (g) 65
Dietary Fiber (g) 0.9
Fat (All Type) 0
Cholesterol (g) 0
Sodium (g) 1mg

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Net weight Unit Pack
360g 40